Lunch and Learn: Provincial Planning

Lunch and Learn: Provincial Planning

The Impacts of Bill 23 on Agriculture and Planning Webinar:

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A background on agricultural land use planning and farmland loss in Ontario, the challenges, opportunities, and impacts of Bill 23.

Farmland loss statistics in Ontario are reviewed, as well as learning about recent provincial housing initiatives and how these impact agriculture.

  • Background and changes to farm loss and urban development
  • Third-party appeals
  • Development charges
  • Conservation Authorities

Changes to Bill 23 After Lobbying Efforts

Bill 136, Greenbelt Statute Law Amendment Act, 2023

The Bill amends the Greenbelt Act, 2005 to restore the 15 parcels of land that were redesignated or removed from the Greenbelt in late 2022. The Greenbelt Statute Law Amendment Act, 2023, ensures any future boundary changes are made through an open, public and transparent legislative process.

Bill 150, Planning Statute Law Amendment Act, 2023

The Bill reverses provincial changes made in November 2022 and April 2023 to official plans and official plan amendments in 12 municipalities: the cities of Barrie, Belleville, Guelph, Hamilton, Ottawa, and Peterborough, Wellington County, and the regional municipalities of Halton, Niagara, Peel, Waterloo and York. The reversal includes changes to urban boundaries while maintaining protections for the Greenbelt.


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