Lunch and Learn: OMAFRA Appeal Tribunal

Lunch and Learn: OMAFRA Appeal Tribunal

The Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal is an independent, quasi-judicial appeal body set up to hear appeals concerning matters in the agriculture and food industry.

The Tribunal can hear a multitude of types of appeals under their mandate but the majority of ones heard are Drainage Act appeals.

Drainage Act appeals are allowed in the categories of assessment, benefits and costs, construction and design, legal and procedural, and other appeals in the following bodies:

  • Court of Revision (Municipal)
  • Ontario Drainage Tribunal (Provincial)
  • Drainage Referee (Provincial Court)

Below is a list of the types of Drainage appeals and the body that hears those appeals:

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Assessment Appeals
Benefit-Cost Appeals
Construction-Design Appeals
Legal-Procedure Appeals
Other Appeals

Source: Drainage Act appeals

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