Lunch and Learn: Normal Farm Practices and Permitted Uses

Lunch and Learn: Normal Farm Practices and Permitted Uses

Nuisances and Normal Farm Practices:

Getting Along with the Neighbours

Normal farm practices:

  • Are consistent with proper and accepted customs and standards as established and followed by similar agricultural operations under similar circumstances.
  • Include the use of innovative technology used with advanced management practices
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Peter Doris, environmental specialist with OMAFRA talking about nuisances and normal farm practices 

Best Management Practices:

Uses Permitted in Prime Agricultural Areas:

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  • an overview of provincial policies and guidance on permitted uses in prime agricultural areas, to inform those new to the topic or to provide a refresher.
  • an opportunity to hear about municipal best practices from municipalities.
  • information on tools that will make it easier to support diversified uses in municipalities.

Balancing Growth and Compatibility:

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