Lunch and Learn: Marketing Boards Continued

Lunch and Learn: Marketing Boards Continued

Reviewing last weeks’ post:

Marketing Boards can be categorized by ‘levels’, each with increasing regulations and authority:

  1. Promotional Boards
  2. Price Negotiating Boards
  3. Price Establishing Boards
  4. Supply Management with marketing quotas

Further description of the ‘levels’, each one builds upon the previous:

  1. Restricted to organizing and financing research and promotional projects aimed at stimulating demand for the particular agricultural product.
  2. Also delegated the authority to negotiate prices with processors through negotiated agreements or arbitration.
  3. Also establishes prices after an evaluation of market conditions and consultation with buyers.
  4. Also establishes prices through negotiated agreements or arbitration but in this case production is regulated with marketing quotas in order to ensure a balance between supply and demand.

Chicken Farmers of Ontario is a Supply Managed industry (Level 4):

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50 Years of the Chicken Farmers of Ontario in Supply Management

What it is like on a broiler chicken farm and the process that chicken farmers go through.

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Ask A Farmer Podcast: How are broiler chickens raised in Canada?


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