2022 Summer Highlights

2022 Summer Highlights

Summer highlights from around the township

June 21: Soybean replant sunset off Charlemont Line
July 19: ‘Dry’ clouds to the west from the field off Charlemont Line

July 30: Port Lambton Gala Days Parade

August 3: Rain gauge looking for rain, storm clouds north off Charlemont Line
August 5: Sombra Park respite on the St Clair River
August 7: St Clair River from Cathcart Park
August 21: Clouds off Botting Road
August 25: Gardens at Brander Park
August 27: Baby’s Point sunset from Bkejwanong (180 panorama) http://pnr.ma/aKEmHT
August 29: Botting Road sunrise (180 panorama) http://pnr.ma/bgngqf
August 30: Holt Line Rays
September 10: Wilkesport United Church
September 10: Port Lambton sunset
September 11: Sombra Park sunset
September 13: Willows on the St. Clair River, Branton Cundick Park
September 13: CSL Atlantic Huron on the St Clair River from Port Lambton
September 18: Moore Museum History

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