2021 Summer Highlights

2021 Summer Highlights

Summer highlights from around the township

June 28: Storm clouds on Charlemont Line
June 29: Sunrise from the field off Botting Road

July 4: Fireworks over the Saint Clair River from Courtright

July 7: Storm & Soybeans from the field (160 panorama) http://pnr.ma/acBhUx
July 10: Sunset from the field off Charlemont Line
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July 22: Drone video of harvest on Stanley Line
July 22: Wheat harvest on Stanley Line
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August 7: Drone video of summer crops on Charlemont Line

August 7: Farm on Charlemont Line 360 #Photospheres

August 22: Bridge at Branton Cundick Park
August 25: Sunrise off Botting Road
September 3: Theodore Too docked at Mooretown

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